Our mission

We would like to improve health conditions worldwide by revolutionizing the way in which cardiovascular problems are diagnosed.

Today the onset of symptoms in an individual allows that individual to be alerted to a health problem so that he can contact his physician who may be able to diagnose the problem and prescribe the recommended course of treatment. The purpose of our approach is to meet the needs for pre-diagnostic development linked to diseases whose symptoms only appear too late (or not at all), but also the increasing economic imperatives as well as the need for mass prevention policy design.

As cardiovascular diseases represent 30% of deaths worldwide, @-Health is developing custom medical monitoring solutions to anticipate the onset of symptoms and as such to implement as soon as possible a treatment that will increase the chances of recovery.

The developed technologies capture and analyze in real-time the biomedical signals without disrupting or restricting the CardioNected people. This information provides cardiologists with the information they need to diagnose the disease at an early stage, prescribe a recommended course of treatment and then monitor its effectiveness.

This is about the advent of predictive medicine.


CardioNexion, a first service offered by @-Health, consists of linking a single and connected medical device to a real-time system for assessing risk of cardiovascular diseases.